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A perfect example of why you need expert legal help after a spinal injury

We often get asked at Spinal Injuries Scotland why we work so closely with Digby Brown Solicitors and why we recommend them to those who might need legal help after an accident which has caused their spinal injury. This example is exactly why you need to seek out their legal expertise and years of experience. We’ve anonymised this person’s details but he wanted to share his story.

“It was two years after my cycling accident that I spoke with Spinal Injuries Scotland and they put me in touch with Digby Brown for a second opinion.

“Suddenly, everything fell into place.

“It was clear I should have gone to Digby Brown in the beginning. Instead I wasted years with another supposedly ‘specialist law firm’ who did nothing to help me in the end.”

65-years-old cyclist from Dumfriesshire suffered a spinal cord injury to his C5-C7. In the blink of an eye, his life changed forever.

“Before the accident, I enjoyed playing tennis two to three times a week, cycled 120 miles and went skiing. It’s been a big change. Tennis? Forget it. Skiing? No Chance.

“One of the biggest losses for me is losing the ability to be spontaneous. We can’t do anything last minute, we need to plan and take into account my injury now.”

Not only has his mobility suffered, but he has altered sensation across his body and allodynea causing severe pain. He is able to walk, but only short distances and sometimes needs a stick.

“I am hypersensitive to any touch – which means even a light breeze touching the hair on my arms will burn me and I’ll be in agony – it is like someone has put my arm in a fire. I’m up at 3am every morning because of the pain. It’s a daily battle.”

Not long after the accident, he contacted another personal injury law firm in Scotland who agreed to take on his case. Sadly almost two years went by without much progress far less settlement at the right financial level.

At SIS, we have been recommending Digby Brown Solicitors for legal advice to anyone following a serous spinal injury in Scotland.

Why? Because they are the best at what they do in this area of law. They are the only Scottish law firm to be independently ranked Band 1 in both Chambers and Legal 500 in this area of law and have been Scottish Law firm of the Year four out of the last five years.

Once Digby Brown took on the case, things really started to happen and within a year Kirsty O’Donnell, Associate Solicitor in Digby Brown’s serious injury team, settled the case for £400,000.

“The outcome was way better than we expected and I can’t thank Kirsty and the team enough.

“The compensation means we can comfortably move to a one level house. At the moment we have stairs and I’ve had a few mishaps and tumbles due to my injury.

“However, Digby Brown didn’t just help financially. They also tried everything they could to better me and my quality of life in terms of my recovery. They sent me to specialist physio and I gave everything but the pain is just something I have to live with.

“But it is what it is and I’m lucky to be here. I’ve got a lot to keep me busy and I’m fortunate to have a wonderful wife, children and life. There’s a heck of a lot to be grateful for – I’m here and you just need to crack on.

“I would walk on water for anyone at Digby Brown.”

Maureen Morrison, Operations Manager at Spinal Injuries Scotland commented: “Many of our members have worked with Digby Brown and have been delighted with the results.

“Following a spinal cord injury, life can change dramatically so it is vital that our members get the best advice possible from one of Scotland’s leading law firms.

“Digby Brown has been instrumental in many of our members receiving financial compensation for their injury and they also give expert guidance on welfare benefits.”

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