6 Ways to Support Us Without Spending Money

1.Like and comment on our social media posts.

This may sound really simple, but it means a lot to us as a smaller charity. The algorithms on almost every social media platform, can make it hard for us to be seen by those who are not already liking our page. However, if you’re constantly engaging with our posts (liking, commenting), it shows the algorithm that people are interested in what Spinal Injuries Scotland has to say, which can help to spread our reach.

Facebook – @spinalinjuriesscot

Twitter – @sisonlineorg

Instagram – @spinalinjuriesscotland

2. Subscribe to our magazine and newsletter

Other than social media this is the main way that we communicate with our membership. We like to keep you up to date with information from the spinal community and what we are doing. You could even forward it to your friends and family if there is story they might be interested in!

3. Submit your stories

We are constantly looking for interesting articles to include in our magazine. We want it to be pack full of things that actually interest our membership and what they want to hear about is how you are living after your SCI. Whether you have joined a sports team, gone abroad on holiday or gone back to work, we want to hear about it!

Contribute to Spinal Injuries Scotland

4. Join up as a member

Joining up as a member of Spinal Injuries Scotland is completely free and allows you to access benefits such as free legal and welfare advice, reduced rates at Clober Farm and to apply to our small grants scheme. Even if you think you are already a member we would recommend you get in touch to confirm that we have the correct and up-to-date details for you.

5. Write a review

If you have done peer support, enjoyed our hand biking and outdoor activities, recieved a small grant from us or even if you just enjoy the content that we share, writing a review on Facebook or Google can help persuade others to get in touch with us. Allowing us to support more of the spinal injured community in Scotland.

6. Tell people about us!

Whether it’s about our fundraising activities, our online social events or spreading recent news it is always better when more people are involved! Tell your friends, family, loved ones, about us and help spread our message.